VITAL  MEETING  OF GOVERNING  BODY  ON  07-06-2010  (Monday) :

DEAR  G.B.  Members , on behalf of General Secretary of  WBCUPPTA  ,I want to declear that an important Governing Body Meeting will be held on 7th Day of June,2010 (Monday). All the members of running G.B. ( 2009-2010)  are requested to attain this meeting.


1) Date of  AGM of the year  2010.

2)  Collection of contributions.

3) Determination of the date of Howrah District Summit .

4)Discussion on the  Memo  No.  ED-454 / 2010 Dated 31st May,2010.

5) Miscellaneous.  

Hope all of  you will attain the said meeting and make the QUORUM of the Meeting.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully ,

Akramul hoque   (AKRAMUL  HOQUE) 





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